A Detailed Look

How Apple has changed data collection

In the latest versions of ITP, Apple introduced key changes impacting data collection:

  1. Clicking through from an ad or post from Facebook or Instagram is erased after just 7 days.
  2. Cookies set from cross-domain links will be deleted after one day.
  3. Any data collected through third-party tracking can be deleted by the user
  4. First-party data now only lasts for 7 days unless they are server side cookies.

The Solution

EQ C&C creates a client subdomain for first-party tracking. This is a comprehensive tool that does more than just solve cookie problems.

Features Include

  • Facebook Conversion API can be implemented with no other website changes aside from installing EQ C&C.
  • Keep using your existing GTM configuration without expensive updates. EQ C&C “learns” adaptive tagging from your existing setup.
  • All user activity is logged at the hit level.
  • Raw hit data can be exported, including all campaign tracking data.
  • G4 Integration, merge your Facebook data with your Google Data.
  • User activity data can be imported into tools such as Google Data Studio and Big Query for further analysis and blending with other data sources like G4.
  • CRM data can enhance conversion events before being sent server side to Facebook.
  • Visibility into post-click user activity, to offset the delay in reporting and events provided in Facebook’s Ad Manager.
  • Tracking of post-click attribution beyond Facebook’s 7 day tracking, important for websites with longer sales cycles.
  • Data validation ensures duplicate events are not recorded, and fixes third-party issues such as recurring billing, upsell funnels, and various payment providers. This resolves issues associated with purchase and rebilling for subscription sales as well as upsell, downsell and cross-sell offers.
  • The ability to maintain first-party cookies, for example the _fbc click cookie can now outlasts 7 days. Other cookies can be set as “server” cookies as needed. This allows the cookies all to last their normal lifetimes.
  • Campaign persistence - UTM parameters and FBCLID are maintained and used to connect Facebook and other data.

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