1. Does this work with?
    Shopify, WordPress, Woo Commerce, Wix, Magento, IBM Commerce Cloud, etc. etc.

  2. Is 1st party tracking as good as server side tracking?  

    No, it is a compromise. You WILL get more and better data.  But you also will not have to worry about what happens when you change platforms, payment providers, or even site tagging changes.
  3. What good is raw data?  

    Raw data gives you power. You don't have to worry about attribution windows, 1 day, 7 day, 28 day or more, with raw data, your last query is your window as you decide.  You can gain insight on users and build profiles over time and you never have to worry about other's decisions affecting your bottom line.
  4. I am already using Shopify's CAPI plugin, isn't that good enough?

    CAPI isn't a full solution re ITP and Facebook's reaction to ITP. It is one piece. Shopify's built in solution is a black box, there is no way to fix issues and issues DO exist. For example some rebilling vendors don't have their orders reported to Facebook.
  5. What if my site is a SPA?

    We have clients using ReactJS and have no issues.  
  6. What about GTM Server side?

    GTM's Server side container is also a 1st party tracking solution(even though they call it a server side container).  The setup is much more complex and you have to change some of your ideas about how tagging is done on your site. We built EQ because we were building custom solutions for clients over and over. We never gained any ground by just copy and pasting the same setup again and again.  With EQ we have a product that is fast and easy and solves some of your biggest problems right out of the box. And you don't have to change ANYTHING about how you tag your site. If you add new Facebook pixel events, or data to those events, they will JUST WORK.

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