First-Party Tracking Party

3 years ago   •   1 min read

By Alicia Lin

While EQ C&C has been utilizing the first party tracking system implementations for the past couple of months, the shift in large companies has officially begun.

Recently, Tealium announced that they are shifting to a first-party data strategy, while Adobe will  be using CNAME implementations to set first-party cookies to avoid as much disruption as possible from Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) policy - however, we have found that CNAME implementations do not work to avoid Apple's 7-day cookie expiry window.

EQ C&C has been on the first-party tracking bandwagon for a significant amount of time now, using address records to do so. We've had the experience and time to continuously improve practices that others are just starting to delve into - making valuable discoveries to avoid as much error as possible, such as Adobe's CNAME implementation.

Welcome to the First-Party Tracking party!

The first-party data strategy is now, but we've been working on and implementing it for the past 5 months. We're ready to help you adapt to the changes.

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