Campaign Data Parameters

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By Alicia Lin

Date: May 20, 2021 By: Alicia Lin

What is the added value in custom or extra parameters for your campaigns?

More data. More insight.

Regardless of what kinds of parameters you use to differentiate campaigns in your events, EQ C&C will accept all of the values listed, so long as your existing set-up is structured:

  • cmid/cid/campaign_id
  • agid/asid/adset_id
  • adid/aid/ad_id
  • pl/placement
  • ssnm/site_source_name
  • key-pair combinations

As noted in this blog post, more data allows for queries and visualizations with added insight about how your business and campaigns perform. For example, while one campaign may have a specified site source name, others may share the same one. By collecting more granular information as opposed to only the utm_source, we can gain insight about how site sources compare across multiple campaigns.

In order to ensure that your Facebook campaign URLs have the parameters that are of interest to your business, here is a step-by-step process:

Firstly, go into the Ads Manager Set up on the Ad Edit page and select the desired ad/campaign that you would like to specific URL parameters for.

Then scroll down to the Tracking section pictured below, and select "Build a URL Parameter" as pictured.

From the Build a URL Parameter section, you can define custom parameters (as seen in the bottom half of the image) alongside the desired utm parameters. As seen in the Parameter Preview box at the bottom, the custom parameters that EQ C&C can collect are added in the URL.

It's that easy. With EQ C&C and a couple added parameters, the opportunities for new insights are exponentially greater than status quo utm parameters. Not only is all this extra data collected, but the data is yours to explore.

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